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The BERT BLANTON SCHOOL OF FLIGHT is located at the spacious, 32,000 square foot REDDING JET CENTER. This modern facility is an excellent learning environment providing large classrooms with video teaching aids, conference rooms, briefing/debriefing rooms, and a luxurious pilot lounge.

The school prides itself in highly personalized instruction.  Unlike many large schools, we do not employ rote teaching methods or "canned" programs.  Each student responds best to a unique instruction style, and should be addressed accordingly.  Additionally, your training will be custom tailored to your personal goal, be it an airline career, corporate aviation, Alaskan bush flying, government jobs, or just pleasure flying.  You will also be given an honest appraisal of your career potential, considering your abilities, education, and background.

These courses are not taught to minimum standards.  You will receive extra instruction specific to your goals.  For example, you may be taught terrain flying, crew coordination principles, or other techniques specific to your goals.  An abbreviated course for spouses is also offered to teach her or him to land the airplane, and just enjoy flying more.

Mr. Blanton holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, and a State of California teaching credential specific to flight instruction.  His pilot certificates include a Commercial License, Single-engine, Airline Transport Pilot, and Multi-engine.  He is certified to teach Private, Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine, Multi-engine Instrument, Airline Transport, and all Flight Instructor curricula.  He has been actively teaching these courses for over 30 years, with additional experience as a corporate pilot, weather modification, and U.S. Forest Service fire fighting.  At present he is also teaching aviation at Shasta College.


The Private Pilot curriculum includes a minimum of 40 hours of flying time in the Piper Cherokee 160.  For a complete course breakdown, or information on the commercial, instrument, and other certificates, please contact us.

Discovery Flights available!

The Redding Municipal Airport (RDD) is an excellent learning facility.  It offers virtually all the different instrument approaches used in the country.  Is has four runways and a FAA control tower.  The local area offers sea, coast, valley, and mountainous topography for a wide range of flying environments.  Mr. Blanton's extensive Forest Service mountain flying experience will show you how to cope with the many facets unique to mountain flying, and to mountain airport operations.

The Redding area offers a wide variety of outdoor scenery and activities with its many lakes, streams, mountains, and forests.  Along with these amenities, the BERT BLANTON SCHOOL OF FLIGHT will afford you specialized instruction specific to your personal goals.